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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MSR?

How can i register on MSR

How do i advertise my lodge/hostel on MSR

How can i become a premium subscriber on MSR advert program

How long does my subscription last on MSR

Are there an benefits to premium subscription

What do i stand to benefit as a premium subscriber on MSR

How do i find a lodge/hostel on MSR

How do i find a roommate on MSR

How do i find properties posted by other students on MSR

How do i advertise my 'no longer needed property on MSR

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Find Roomies

Users of this site willing to have a roommate can be contacted easily using our messaging system which provides a quick and reliable chat experience to enable everyone get along with his/her intent roomie : Enugu State University Of Science And Technology (esut)

Search or Advertise Lodge(s)

Available Lodges around your school location will be available for search, view and contact... There will also be available spots to advertise your lodges as a Care taker or Landlord : Enugu State University Of Science And Technology (esut)

Sell or Buy Belongings

This module allows you buy or sell new/used propert(y/ies) from anyone around your school. Available Properties for sale will be displayed, sellers can also be contacted at a click of a button : Enugu State University Of Science And Technology (esut)

About Us

MySchoolRoomies also known as (MSR) is an online platform developed with the sole purpose of creating a social sphere whereby university students around the globe can access useable facilities. Students on this platform can easily find a desired roommate, lodges/hostels or properties available for sale around their choice school.

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About MSR

Search | Find | Contact

MSR is created for both students and intent students... You can also choose to advertise your “no longer needed propert(y/ies)” for other users to view and purchase from you. Your details will be visible to interested buyers if set “visible” by you in your account settings.

Furthermore, lodge owners/care-takers can advertise their apartments for rent to users around the specified schooling area. Details of the care-taker/lodge owner will also be visible to interested users.
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